4 days - 3 night

Special Reserve Tour

ITINERARY Cuyabeno Lodge 4 days – 3 nights

DAY 1.

QUITO – CUYABENO: To get to our meeting point you travel the night before to “El Puente Cuyabeno”, which is the entrance to the Cuyabeno reserve.
Cuyabeno Reserve. If you go from Quito by bus the trip is about 9 hours.
The adventure begins at 11:00 AM at the entrance to the Cuyabeno reserve, with a canoe trip down the river to our lodge (3 hours exploring the
lodge (3 hours exploring the river in search of monkeys, birds, etc.). Lunch and time to relax. In the afternoon you will explore the
river and lagoons in search of more wildlife, swim and enjoy the sunset. In the evening you will go on a canoe expedition in search of caimans.
in search of caimans. Dinner. For all our guests interested in learning more about the Amazon rainforest, every night our naturalist guide will give different
naturalist guide will give different lectures such as “Culture and communities, flora, fauna and conservation”.

DAY 2.

HIKING: In the morning after breakfast we will hike for approximately 4 hours in the primary forest accompanied by the naturalist guide.
accompanied by a naturalist guide who will explain you about medicinal plants, frogs, insects, birds, etc.
Lunch at the camp and time to relax. After 2 hours of rest, you will begin the preparation and tasting of coffee and
tasting of coffee and chocolate in the traditional way. Before sunset, you will explore the creeks in a traditional paddle canoe to enjoy the unique
canoe to enjoy the uniqueness of nature. You will enjoy the sunset on the river and, if conditions permit, you may see pink dolphins.
conditions permit, you may see pink dolphins. Return to the camp and prepare for the night walk. Dinner. Tonight you will
you will have the opportunity to learn about and taste the different traditional drinks of the Amazon.

DAY 3.

COMMUNITY: After a delicious breakfast, we will visit the community, where an indigenous woman will guide us through the community, where we will learn about the
where we will learn about their culture, clothing, language, but above all about their gastronomy, since we will prepare our lunch with her.
we will prepare our lunch with her. In the afternoon the shaman of the community will teach us about medicinal plants and rituals of the Amazon.
and rituals of the Amazon. After this exciting day we return to the camp.
you can join our talks or if you like adventure we have prepared for you a place in the middle of the forest where you can spend a few hours or the whole night.
you can spend a few hours or the whole night enjoying the incredible sounds of the jungle.
CUYABENO – QUITO: Early in the morning you will explore the river in search of birds and enjoy the sunrise.
After this activity you will return to the camp, have breakfast and time to organize your luggage. Then you will take the canoe back to
canoe back and explore the Cuyabeno River for 2 hours in search of more wildlife until the entrance of the reserve (11am), where you can take a boat ride back to the
(11am), where you can take your transport back home. End of the tour.

Lodge Amenities: In your free time at the lodge – mornings, evenings or in between activities you can enjoy the reading area, hammocks by the river, our
enjoy the reading area, hammock area by the river, our yoga place, our Amazonian spa or massages (40 min / $ 20).
or massages (40 min / $ 20). “Check availability before the visit”
– Canoe.
– Bilingual naturalist guide.
– Accommodation in double and / or triple room with mosquito net and private bathroom.
– All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner); water, coffee, tea.
– Equipment (rain poncho, rubber boots, life jacket).
– Excursions.
– Transportation Quito – Cuyabeno – Quito (bus).
– Meals before and after the tour
– Massages.
– Tips and gratuities
– Contribution to the community $10
– Other expenses not specified in the tour.
– Long sleeve t-shirt 2 or more
– Comfortable pants, 2 or more (no jeans)
– Shorts, 2 or more
– T-shirts, 2 or more
– Socks, one pair per day
– Tennis shoes and/or sandals
– Sunscreen
– Bathing suit
– Sunglasses
– Camera
– Flashlight
– Insect repellent
– Cap
– Plastic bottle
– Original passport or ID card
– Mask, gel or alcohol disinfectant

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