Ecuador a great place to visit

Ecuador is South America’s best kept secret: multiethnic, multicultural and biodiverse; it has it all and it is so close. The Galapagos Islands, its coast, its Andes and its Amazon rainforest are best explored from Riobamba.

What do you need to know?

Its four regions, also called 4 worlds, contain 8% of the animal species and 10% of the planet’s flora.
With 13 indigenous nationalities and traces of the Spanish Empire, Ecuador is a beautiful mix of cultures and ethnicities.
Located on the equator and crossed by the Andes Mountains, it has insular, coastal, Andean and Amazonian scenery.
The Galapagos Islands and the Chimborazo volcano are just two examples of its natural wealth, widely studied by scientists from all over the world. What not to miss!
All of its destinations are less than a day’s drive away, so it has it all and it is so close.
Riobamba, the first Spanish city founded in Ecuadorian territory, is located in the center of this South American country, which makes it an ideal place to plan and start exploring any of these worlds.

Ecuador el país de los Cuatro Mundos | Slide Set

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