Ponchos Square

The ponchos square or also called the Centennial Market, is the largest influx of handicrafts, recognized nationally and Latin American.

It has been in operation for more than 50 years and is considered the largest handicraft market in South America.
In this splendid place we will be able to count on the representative handicraft production of the fair are the textiles of Otavalo, there is also handicraft production in clay, painting, wood, jewelry, goldsmithing, saddlery, marzipan, ceramics, etc.

Among the activities that can be performed in this traditional place for domestic and foreign visitors, is to visit the fair held on Saturdays from 7 am.

It should also be noted that among the products that this place offers its visitors are: ponchos, scarves, gloves, hats, caps, shirts, pants, tablecloths, hammocks, tapestries, bags, espadrilles, handles, necklaces, earrings, woodwork, pots, paintings, sashes, anacos, carpets, tablecloths, hats and countless other products.

In Our Trip Ecuador we have fully scheduled departures for your visit to this great place is welcoming, because our brothers otavaleños will receive you with open hands.

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