Quito not only has many churches, its churches hold incalculable treasures of culture and history from the colonial era of the best preserved place in the world. The fact that the city was an important axis of the Inca empire made the Spanish undertake with particular care the construction and design of a fabulous architecture and religious iconography.
The most accepted theory about the name is that Quito comes from the Chibcha language of the Quitu-Cara aborigines, original inhabitants of the Pichincha area in Ecuador. The word quitu means place or space in the center of the world.
The charms of the historic center are extremely varied. Through these small streets and balconies a local society passes almost without looking. Among them the tourist is discovered for being the passerby who does not walk, it would seem rather that he floats engrossed in the wonder that unfolds before his steps.
There are 7 churches that are the favorites of nationals and foreigners.

  • The Cathedral
  • San Francisco
  • Company of Jesus
  • Basilica del Voto Nacional
  • El Sagrario
  • San Agustin
  • Santo Domingo

If you wish to visit these and many other places in Quito, contact us.

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